Gotcha Day

Seven years ago I awoke to my first day of being a father. The day before Caroline and I survived our day in Russian court to adopt our first son Alex. He was just 10-months old and here he was in a small hotel room in Kaliningrad, Russia with two strangers. While being thousands of miles away from our home, Caroline and I were in a perfect place…a family of three with no distractions – just three people getting to know one another and no doubt each of our minds racing with the thoughts of what the future will hold.  Since that time we have been on many great adventures and enjoyed many, many movie nights together.

I am no doubt a better person today because of the seven years I have spent being a father to Alex. He is an amazing boy with a very caring heart. (While at times his younger brother might disagree).

So hear are the 10 things you should know about Alex…

  1. He is a very picky eater ( I know, what 7-year old boy isn’t)
  2. He got the nickname “Frog Whisperer” at summer camp, due to is ability to track and catch frogs
  3. He is drawn to women with long hair, so much so that he has requested that his mom grow her hair longer
  4. He loves to be outside!
  5. He’s not very competitive, but hates to loose  – if that makes sense
  6. He’s a pretty good dancer – just stop by some night when “So you Think you can Dance” is on.
  7. He already has all the answers
  8. He already knows who he is going to marry
  9. He has a great memory, except when it comes to locating his coat in the morning
  10. He is a lot like his mom in sooooo many ways